We’ve recently been inundated with a bit too much spam for our liking due to this contact form, it has been removed for the time being. Contact us by email, telephone or mail using the details below. You will need to type out the email addresses into your email application! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Registered address:

17 Sloan Street

Please note this address is NOT used for returns, we use a shipping agent to handle returns worldwide and the address for returns will be printed on the packaging of your order.

Email address:

Our main email address, checked by everyone for any issue whatsoever is

Regarding custom orders, tapestries, cork boards or business questions please email Ciorsdan via:

We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.

Technical Issues:

If there’s an error on this website, if you are uncertain whether your payment has been processed because of an email from a payment gateway (Stripe, Paypal etc) please get in touch with us right away, if you could forward any relevant reference number or order number that would be useful.

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